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Steal Music Production was founded by mistake a while ago. Since then it has grown to be an independent wallflower in the industry, providing sound for all kinds of media. It knows music and sound design. It knows how sound plays a huge part in how we perceive our surroundings, what vital part it plays in our lives. In that, it also knows the impact it has in delivering a message, triggering emotions, and the responsibility that comes with it.

The audio-visual dance is what it derives its kicks from, and it digs into every case with a great deal of enthusiasm and passion.

Its music and its sound design has been heard in TV spots for leading brands across the world, by millions and millions on the web, and by live audiences at major tech keynotes. Its songs have charted on Billboard. Its work has been heard in cinemas worldwide and been played on dance floors in the US. It has composed opening themes and complete sound profiles for prime time television shows, made UI sounds for apps, and created audio-visual VR experiences.

Stefan Almqvist is a sound designer and music composer and producer working out of Stockholm, Sweden, with people and brands worldwide. If you need sound for your project, don't hesitate to e-mail for pricing and more information.


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