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The Freelancers

We start the new year by introducing two of our freelancers!

JOAKIM LUNDGREN has worked as a drummer, mixing and mastering engineer and producer on projects such as SVT’s “Vem Vet Mest”, TV4’s “Uppfinnarna”, Sweden’s version of “America’s Got Talent” on TV4 and FOX Broadcasting’s hit TV show “Glee”. His productions always have a solid natural sound and having already lent his mixing skills to some of our work, we now proudly have a selection of his own productions available to our clients.

TORE JARLO is a music producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist with a track record of over 40 releases so far, many of which have been remixed by some of the most legendary DJ’s in the business. Some of his work includes remixes of Agnes’ Billboard #1 hit “Release Me”, Niki and the Dove’s “The Fox”, and numerous productions including award winning hip-hop duo Norlie & KKV and much, much more!


Are you interested in joining our freelance crew? Shoot me an email with your best work to and let's talk!

All the best


Stefan Almqvist